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Moving again...I just love moving... :P At least this time, it's not across the world - or country. The dog should make things interesting this Going to teach the boy, K, to paint ... hehehe.
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:::crosses fingers::: I finally contacted a guy who bought (so is hopefully familiar) with the DNA array machine and asked his help to figure out how to analyze the data my boss told me to do last summer...since no one in my lab (including me) understand enough to analyze this stuff, I'm hoping I'll be given some advice or pointed in a direction concerning material I should know! woot woot! :)

Didnt find out much but after a few hours, I'm reassured that I'm not a complete idiot for NOT understanding how to analyze this stuff. pheeeeew. For some reason, I felt like I was a pretty big idiot for not understanding how to do any of this stuff after reading so many papers and whatnot for months. It's a huge relief to know that even professionals are confused by this stuff.

And it's pretty ironic that I tend have projects related to things I never liked much in school (ie math or protein-work) lol.
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any ideas

got this randomly last night

EvaMMKim (10:32:32 PM): hello
ME(10:41:57 PM): who is this?
EvaMMKim (10:45:22 PM): Hi. I am kind of a friend of someone you possibly know. I don't know you and you don
EvaMMKim (10:45:36 PM): Sorry was not able to finish that.
ME (10:45:43 PM): who is this "friend"?
EvaMMKim (10:45:50 PM): I just need to know something.
ME (10:45:57 PM): and how are you "kind of a friend"?
EvaMMKim (10:46:19 PM): Are you dating someone named Chris from Florida?
ME (10:46:37 PM): who is this?
EvaMMKim (10:46:55 PM): This Chris claims he his not seeing anyone and there are some suspicions.
EvaMMKim (10:47:11 PM): I would just like to know.
EvaMMKim (10:47:18 PM): Please.
ME (10:47:30 PM): and i would like to know who is this "kind of a friend" is
ME (10:47:34 PM): tit for a tat
EvaMMKim (10:47:54 PM): I just met him.
ME (10:48:16 PM): how?
EvaMMKim (10:48:53 PM): Over the internet.
EvaMMKim (10:50:00 PM): Alright. Goodbye.
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ME (12:49:22 AM): hey, there are probably A LOT of chris's in Florida - how old is this Chris?
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any ideas anyone?